Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Training

Become an Intuitive Hypnotherapist.

Learn the art of hypnotherapy from a trained, master hypnotist with 25 Plus years’ experience working in a clinical/wellness setting.

Become an Intuitive Hypnotherapist. Learn the art of hypnotherapy from a trained, master hypnotist with 25 Plus years’ experience working in a clinical/wellness setting.

In this training, you will learn:

  • How Intuitive Hypnotherapy differs from traditional forms of hypnosis and why it is a powerful tool for unearthing and removing deep-rooted emotional issues
  • How to structure a hypnotic session and guide your clients through the healing process
  • Therapeutic interventions including regression, parts mediation therapy, future pacing, inner child integration, intergenerational healing and more
  • Powerful and purposeful ways to access the super-conscious mind
  • Professionally written scripts for inductions, deep healing and transformation
  • Techniques and approaches for dealing with self-sabotage and secondary gain issues

Intuitive Hypnosis Certification

Learn powerful techniques to access the super-conscious mind, remove emotional blocks and create deep-level transformation and healing for your clients. This course includes one-on-one mentoring, bonus material, guided hypnosis recordings, protocols and scripts for your practice.

Powerful Content

Starting with the basics, Murray will help you build a solid foundation upon which to learn, grow and succeed in your hypnosis practice. All course materials have been expertly written by Murray and professionally edited to ensure that they are highly readable and easily understandable. All content has been used and refined under real-world conditions.

Online Training at its Best!

All courses are taught online with a small, interactive group. Two training sessions are held each week. Each session is one hour long, with discussion time following each session. You will also have access to Murray for one-on-one tutoring and instruction. Once you register, you will be sent your manual in a PDF format. Throughout the training, Murray will help you with tone, pacing and rapport building. He will also help you to connect with your intuitive nature – a skill necessary to connect with your client and effectively navigate the super-conscious domain.

LEVEL I – Hypnosis: The Fundamentals (10 Weeks) $700

LEVEL II – Hypnotherapy: The Art & Practice (12 Weeks) $800

LEVEL III – Stage Hypnosis: Mastering the Stage (8 Weeks) $500

LEVEL IV – Masters Level: 5-Path Abreactive Therapy (16 Weeks) $900

You must complete the previous level before moving on to the next level.

I took all levels of my hypnosis training from beginner to master with Murray. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. From the very beginning Murray was professional and imparted a respect for the practice of hypnosis. He ensured theory was learned prior to practice. It is important to understand the why behind any action and he made sure the why was always understood. He was open to discussion and welcomed all questions. I was always encouraged and empowered. The best decision I made was to seek Murray out as my instructor when I chose to study hypnosis. It was a wonderful learning experience that I have had the pleasure of putting into practice! I attribute my success to the fantastic training I received from Murray.

J. Anderson

Become a Professional Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist Today

This training will take your clients to new levels of wisdom, transformation and healing.

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