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You are no less deserving than anyone else in this world. You have many gifts and are a truly worthy and remarkable individual. Perhaps you already know that in theory but you may not be living that in fact. Low self-esteem is one of the key reasons people don’t achieve the goals or experience the dreams and happiness they so richly deserve and desire. 

With one-on-one self-esteem coaching, you will discover powerful insights and receive unique and personal exercises to boost your self-esteem and awareness. Wherever you might place yourself currently on the self-confidence scale, you will learn amazing tips and tactics to improve your levels dramatically.


The purpose of most hypnotherapy is to alter some undesirable aspect of behaviour. The element to be modified could be anything from overeating, smoking and anxiety to a range of far more debilitating issues such as phobias and addictions. In hypnotherapy, the therapist puts the subject into a trance-like state in which suggestions can be delivered directly to the subject’s subconscious/superconscious mind. The trance allows the therapist to bypass the subject’s critical conscious mind and make deep-level changes.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for deep-level personal change, which can also be used to treat a variety of other psychological difficulties. Hypnotherapy combines the mental aspect of hypnosis and trance induction with psychotherapy. Hypnotherapy should only be conducted by a trained therapist and with a client who is informed about, understands and consents to the process.

Hypnosis produces an altered state of consciousness, known as a trance state, which is deliberately induced by one person—the hypnotist or hypnotherapist—on another person or group of people—the hypnotic subject or subjects. The change in consciousness that occurs during hypnosis is more than just a feeling of deep relaxation or heightened suggestibility – it can be measured and observed on the EEG readings of the brains of hypnotic subjects.

Self-hypnosis (or auto-hypnosis) is the practice of inducing hypnosis in oneself. The main distinction between guided hypnosis and self-hypnosis is simply that self-hypnosis requires a balancing act where the subject is able to relax profoundly, yet still deliver well-constructed suggestions.

Keynote Speaker

Is Murray Fuhrer Right For Your Event?

Murray is right for your event when: Your audience is passionate about building/enhancing their self-esteem and personal awareness. Your audience is interested in unleashing their full potential.

Murray’s Presentation Style:

Murray provides a wealth of clear, concise, and practical information on building your self-esteem packed into a simple, lucid, and detailed presentation. Interjecting humour and insightful stories into each presentation, Murray skillfully communicates self-esteem concepts and principles. Murray will give you the tools you need and show you how to use them!

Contact Murray directly at 403-348-1299 or use our booking page to find out more!


Self-esteem expert Murray Fuhrer leads a one-evening plus two-day intensive workshop to help you achieve Extreme Esteem. Self-esteem is critical in coping with the fundamental challenges of life and maximizing your happiness. Participate in 18 hours of insight-filled talks and informal discussions, experience powerful affirmations and special inner-life exercises designed to jumpstart your personal development.

Unlike Other Self-Esteem Experts…

Murray teaches powerful, proven, reality-based techniques for personal change with NO hype or questionable “quick fix” systems. The Self-Esteem Guy provides real and reliable help for all individuals looking to make permanent and positive changes in their life.

IMPORTANT: This workshop is profoundly beneficial for people of all types of spiritual and self-development backgrounds and experiences.

A Brief Caution

You will get out of this workshop what you are willing to put into it. Murray teaches that travelling the correct path of enlightenment is a full-contact sport. “In this spirit, we will work vigorously together to apply the truths as soon as we learn them. My aim is not just to give you the tools you need to change your life – my aim is for you to leave the workshop already a happier, more peaceful human being.”

Take the next step in your inner evolution! Register on-line or call Extreme Esteem Workshops at 403-348-1299 for more information and to sign up for a weekend you will never forget.

Hypnosis Stage Shows

Murray’s hypnotic stage show is always fun, fast-paced, and tastefully delivered. It’s the perfect audience participation event! The performance begins with a short, interactive explanation of the hypnotic state that gets audience members excited to be a part of the show.

Volunteers are invited to the stage, and that’s when the fun begins! Volunteers are rapidly induced into a natural hypnotic trance state – a heightened state of awareness where inhibitions are removed, and the pliable, playful, subconscious mind is engaged.

Volunteers role-play various hilarious comedy routines that have audiences doubled over with laughter. Few things are more thrilling than a well-executed hypnotic stage show!

A hypnosis stage show is where audience members become the stars! Everyone will have a wonderful time. Volunteers leave the stage feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and happy.

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