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In Extreme Esteem, The Four Factors, Murray stresses the importance of knowing what is affecting your spiritual or your life journey if you are intent on successfully creating the life you desire. Why is it important for you to recognize these things? Because knowledge can lead to understanding, and understanding up levels your experiences.

It’s not always easy to apply what you know, however. It helps a great deal when others, who have the knowledge and some understanding through personal experience, offer to share those life experiences with you. It brings the philosophy, the sometimes lofty-sounding thoughts, down to earth where we can grab hold of them. Murray’s honesty in his personal revelations and the variety of anecdotal accounts he shares succeed in making the knowledge he is offering relatable. For the student, and we are all students, this is paramount.

Factor Number One: Early Programming

Beliefs are something we accept as true, without question. We live our life around them, often without thinking about them, questioning them or even being aware of them. An estimated 80 per cent of our belief system is in place by the time we’re ten years old, and only 10 per cent of us will ever raise our awareness and re-examine those beliefs. Lack of awareness of choice is the same as having no choice at all.

Factor Number Two: Reinforcement of Belief

Despite our best efforts, we find ourselves repeatedly in the same kind of unhealthy relationship or stressful financial situations – unable to break free of a patently destructive pattern of behaviour. Our seeming inability to resolve these patterns – based on false beliefs and values – can be demoralizing and affect our self-worth.

Factor Number Three: Self-Responsibility

To perform at your best and feel terrific about yourself, you have to be in a perpetual state of building self-esteem and maintaining it – pushing yourself beyond your usual mental and emotional limits. You need to take complete responsibility for the content and quality of your mind and the attainment of your dreams.

Factor Number Four: Effecting Change

Change begins with a choice. Many of us settle for far less than we’re capable of achieving and can’t understand why we feel so dissatisfied and frustrated with life. The truth is we have an inborn drive toward the realization of our full capability. Change in the hearts and minds of individuals can bring significant and far-reaching results. Carry an inner will and courage to make a difference and become an agent of change.


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