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Hypnotherapy can be used to treat a variety of issues ranging from anxiety, phobias, and substance abuse, including tobacco, to sexual dysfunction, undesirable spontaneous behaviours and destructive habits. It can be used to help improve sleep, learning disorders, communiction, and relationship issues.

Over the years of his practice, Murray has helped hundreds of people experience significant breakthroughs and live happy and empowered lives.

A hypnosis session will usually include suggestions for calm, relaxation, and overall well-being, which will be experienced profoundly during the session and will often continue to be experienced long after the client has left the treatment room. Common approaches involve guided visualizations or verbal cues to draw the subject into a pleasant trance-like state.

Hypnotherapy — which is the form of therapy that uses hypnosis as either a standalone or supplemental treatment — can benefit an individual’s health in innumerable ways.

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Common Issues Treatable through Hypnotherapy:

Stop Smoking: Murray will help you kick the habit by breaking down the associations that support it and by revealing the underlying reasons your addiction persists. It’s not just a craving for nicotine that makes quitting difficult for most smokers; it’s the psychological dependency.

Weight Loss: Murray will help you discover and release your compulsion for overeating, or eating the wrong foods, or your disinclination toward exercise. Weight gain is often (other than for medical reasons) supported by several psychological pillars, including low self-esteem.

Addictions: Hypnosis can help those with addiction issues gain a different perspective on their addictive behaviours. What would typically be considered impossible – quitting substance or behavioural abuse – can be shifted to now seem possible, achievable and desirable.

Anxiety: Many who suffer from anxiety are prone to catastrophizing – believing that something is far worse than it may actually be. Releasing yourself from the grip of anxiety requires a deep-level shift in perception and the breaking down of beliefs that support fear-based thinking.

Depression: Before there is the feeling, there is the thought. Depression is intrinsically linked to how we think, how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. Hypnotherapy can help subjects achieve a state of relaxation and recognize thoughts that create depression.

Insomnia: Hypnosis allows both the body and mind to relax and to let go of the stress and anxiety that not falling asleep can create. The ever-active “monkey mind” is calmed and the time spent in slow-wave restorative sleep can be enhanced by as much as 80 per cent.

Childhood Trauma: When trauma happens, beliefs and perceptions are formed, and self-destructive behaviours can develop. By identifying the ISE (Initial Sensitizing Event), Murray can help you reprogram your mind to adopt new and positive ways of thinking and being.

Keynote Speaker Overview

The topic of self-esteem applies to every business – big or small – because empowered team members are productive team members. Murray can custom tailor his self-esteem message to engage any audience and any industry.

Murray has spoken to groups as small as 12 and as large as 1200. He has spoken to tradespeople about self-esteem and job safety, doctors and front-line staff about chronic illness and self-esteem, and to college students about self-esteem and career choice.

The goal of any speaker should be to initiate new conversations, shift thinking, inspire new ideas, motivate, educate and most of all – to open the eyes of the audience to new and exciting possibilities. Murray offers both half-hour and hour sessions with plenty of interaction and experiential learning.

Murray provides a wealth of clear, concise, and practical information on building your self-esteem packed into a simple, lucid, and detailed presentation. Interjecting humour and insightful stories into each presentation, Murray skillfully communicates self-esteem concepts and principles.


Empower your team to reach new levels of engagement and job performance with custom-tailored self-esteem and personal empowerment workshops, hosted by author, speaker and self-esteem expert, Murray Fuhrer. Murray has conducted dozens of workshops and spoken to hundreds of team members from a variety of backgrounds – education, medicine, business, research, labour, health and safety, writing and publishing, holistic arts and more – and he’s excited to speak to your group.

Murray can create a half-day or full-day workshop, custom-tailored the specific needs of your business or organization. Team members who arrive with an open mind will leave with an arsenal of tools, insights and understandings that will help them step beyond self-defeating beliefs and perceptions and function at their highest level.

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